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    James K. Polk (1795-1849; US politician and 11th President of the United States) legible strike of 2-line "PT. Isabel MCH 24 1847" date stamp on folded cover addressed to "Hon. James K. Polk, Washington City D.C.", a matching "10" handstamp crossed out as this qualified to be sent free to Polk who was President at the time, vertical file fold, Very FinernPort Isabel Tex. is where Fort Polk was established in 1846, becoming a strategic location during the Mexican-American War. General Zachary Taylor and the US Army set up Fort Polk and Gen Taylor renames the town «Point Isabel.» The war dramatically changed Point Isabel which became a boomtown. The 1849-50 California gold rush caused a mini-boom era at Point Isabel as fortune seekers sought a safe route to the gold fields through Mexico. Among them, James Audubon came through and recorded plants and wildlife.
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