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Why Choose H.R. Harmer?


H.R. Harmer strives to make selling at auction an easy and hassle-free experience. From the initial consultation through the final settlement our extensive experience and resources are focused on getting you the top market value for your individual pieces, collections or estate, just as we've done for thousands of sellers since our founding in 1940. To schedule a complimentary, confidential auction value appraisal, please call (929) 436-2800. 


Whether a philatelist, trust officer, attorney, executor, beneficiary, or institution with a collection or single rarities to sell, H.R. Harmer is the answer.


Sale By Auction



  • Detailed advice as to the best method and time of sale.
  • Detailed advice as to how the material should be offered best.
  • Preparation of the material into lots for greatest possible appeal to worldwide buyers. 
  • Publication of extensively illustrated and well-organized catalogs accurately describing each lot.
  • Distribution of catalogs to a meticulously maintained world mailing list of thousands of the most active buyers in philately.
  • Extensive advertising and publicity to stimulate interest of collectors and dealers.
  • Transit and on-premises insurance.
  • All services of the entire H.R. Harmer staff of specialist describers, reference facilities, and website.




Generous advances are available for qualified properties.




H.R. Harmer retains public relations specialists to plan, prepare and place advertisements and publicity in all philatelic journals to attract buyers and stimulate bidding. 

Promotional publicity is regularly provided, when warranted, to non-philatelic communications media such as business reviews, investment journals, national magazines, TV and radio producers.




Stamps consigned to H.R. Harmer are insured by Lloyds of London under standard policies (except for terrorist attack), both in transit (see Shipping Information) and on premises at no cost to the owner. Advanced security systems and monitoring ensure worry-free and unequalled protection.


Auction Details




Public auctions of 1,500-3,000 lots are held twice a year (in the spring and fall), and exceptional properties can be scheduled as necessary. Catalogs are mailed to consignors approximately three weeks before the auction along with an accounting of their lots. Consignors and prospective consignors are cordially invited to attend the auctions.




Payment by check or bank wire is sent 45 calendar days after the last date of the auction.




Expertizing is carried out on premises. Where appropriate, and at H.R. Harmer’s discretion, items are submitted to prominent independent experts or expert committees that issue "Certificates of Authenticity" which accompany the lots. These certificates increase bidder confidence in the authenticity and condition of the items, which, in turn, engenders increased interest and bidding. Fees for the certificates are charged to the vendor's account.


Minimum Requirements


The prominence of H.R. Harmer may lead you to believe that only the most valuable properties qualify for our services. This is not true. Please contact us with a description of your material. You too may enjoy the many advantages and services all consignors are offered by H.R. Harmer.


Sale By Private Treaty


Ever alert to the special needs of its clients, Harmer maintains a superior service, when warranted, for the direct sale of philatelic material.


Harmer is in constant contact with collectors and dealers throughout the world, many of whom have standing offers for a wide variety of material they desire. Buyers are readily available for important single rarities and general or specialized collections.

  • The price asked is determined by a Harmer appraisal and the vendor's approval of that figure.
  • Private Treaty. Sales can often be finalized in a few weeks.
  • Settlement. Check is sent immediately after payment is received from the buyer.
  • A collection may be originally offered by Private Treaty and if unsold, placed into the next appropriate public auction.


Sale By Outright Purchase


Sometimes there is a need for the direct outright sale of a collection and H.R. Harmer can also accommodate these needs. Our experienced staff will evaluate the collection and make an offer to purchase the entire property. Payment is made immediately upon acceptance of the offer. When writing, calling or emailing, please mention if outright sale is of interest to you.


Appraisal And Estate Information


The H.R. Harmer Appraisal


A realistic assessment of the market value of a collection, based on in-depth professional knowledge and daily contact with the world's philatelic centers.


Appraisals are provided for all purposes including gift, insurance, tax, probate, or sale. Where appropriate, we will provide detailed recommendations of the most advantageous method and place of sale.


A Harmer appraisal includes:

  1. A formal appraisal, duly notarized as required.
  2. Professional unbiased advice on selling.
  3. Insurance while in Harmer's possession.


Appraisal Fees


Harmer charges $100 per hour plus travel time and expenses for written appraisals. Appraisal Fees are waived if the property is purchased or consigned. Verbal appraisals for material brought to our office are conducted without charge. Often, we can determine whether material is suitable for auction over the telephone. Kindly call first with the material in front of you before visiting our office. Appointments are encouraged to ensure the availability of staff.


Estate Planning


Estate planning is essential for everyone. Whether your collection is to be donated or sold, it should receive the professional attention that H.R. Harmer has provided since 1940.


In order to assure the protection of your philatelic estate and services of Harmer, we would recommend a provision in your will or codicil as follows:


"I direct that the services of H.R. Harmer, Inc. be retained to appraise and sell my philatelic properties for such compensation as is customarily paid thereof"


Minimum Requirements


The prominence of Harmer may lead you to believe that only the most valuable properties qualify for our services. This is not true. Please contact us with a description of your material. You too may enjoy the many advantages and services all vendors are offered by Harmer.


Shipping Information


Philatelic material sent to H.R. Harmer should be carefully packed in suitable containers (cartons are recommended along with plastic liners) and addressed to:


HR Harmer

45 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 2607

New York, NY 10111



  • If collections are sent in stock books or albums, and the pages are not pressed against the book covers, please place a piece of cardboard before the first page and after the last page. Place a rubber band around the pieces of cardboard. Then, band each individual album or stock book.
  • Line all boxes with a plastic bag and close tightly at top. This will keep out any moisture.
  • H.R. Harmer is not responsible for damage due to poor packaging.
  • The sender's name and address should be shown on the envelope, package or carton in which the material is sent. Shipping expenses are the responsibility of the sender.
  • IMPORTANT: The Consignors Form must be completed and mailed, faxed, or emailed to Harmer under separate cover prior to day of shipping. Please read carefully our section on Transit Insurance.


Shipments From Other Countries


Stamps sent from countries other than the United States or its Territorial Possessions must be legally exported to be covered by insurance.


Customs Duty


The United States does not impose Customs Duty on postage stamps.


However, sendings (particularly is declared in excess of $250) may be held by U.S. Customs for "formal entry" processing. In such instances, H.R. Harmer will make appropriate arrangements with a professional broker.


Brokerage fees, if required, will be charged to the consignor.


Transit Insurance


H.R. Harmer, Inc. will provide standard insurance against all risks (except terrorist attacks) for material sent by the following methods:


  • Registered Mail. Declare the full value of the contents. Maximum $200,000 per package.
  • Federal Express (FedEx). Please contact us for details.


Air and Surface Freight. Maximum value of $200,000 per package by Air. $100,000 per consignment by surface. Must be insured with carrier for 20% of full value.


Provisions for insurance through Harmer requires prior advice under separate cover (see Shipping Information). Personal conveyance available by arrangement.


In the event of a loss, the sender will be required to furnish reasonable proof of value.


Payment of insurance claims will be distributed on the basis of 80% to the owner and 20% to Harmer.