Edition D'Or

The most beautiful stamp collections beautifully presented.

Edition D'Or books

The EDITION D'OR® series of books, now numbering over 50 different titles, presents prestigious collections which have been awarded International Large Gold medals or the elusive Grand Prix. These volumes were conceived and developed by Corinphila Auktionen and Heinrich Köhler with the intention to make the finest and most famous stamp collections of our time accessible to future generations of collectors. Documenting a collection in an EDITION D'OR book is a tangible and lasting recognition of a philatelist's life work. These professionally designed and published works are exclusive to the partners of the Global Philatelic Network.

You can view all titles in the webshop of our sister company Heinrich Koehler and order them through H.R. Harmer. Prices of the EDITION D'OR® books are 79 USD (69 EUR) or 99 USD (89 EUR) plus shipping costs. 

If you would like to have your own collection immortalised in a future volume, please contact H.R. Harmer president Charles Epting.