The "Erivan" Collection Part VI Now Online

January 26, 2022: “Erivan” Collection Part VI


The sixth part of the “Erivan” Collection of United and Confederate States Postal History will be held Wednesday, January 26 and the catalogue is now available on our website. Printed catalogues are currently in the final stages of production and can be expected by customers next week. 


Bids can be placed via our website, or by phone or email. Additionally, the sale will be listed on StampAuctionNetwork in the coming days for both pre-sale bidding and live online bidding.


H.R. Harmer's Next Sales December 14-15, 2021

H.R. Harmer's next sales will be held December 14-15, 2021. We will be offering the Dr. Larry C. Parks Collection of United States Postal Stationery, the "Nelson" Collection of United States Stamps, the Dr. Andrew A. Mazzara Collection of Italy and Colonies, further selections from the "Bedford" Collection, and more.

Additionally, the "Erivan" Collection Part VI will now be held in mid-January, 2022.

New images of collection lots are being added on a daily basis. 



Sales 3052-55 Schedule:

Tueday, December 14:

10:00 AM Eastern: United States Stamps Featuring the "Nelson" Collection

2:00 PM Eastern: The Dr. Larry C. Parks Collection of United States Postal Stationery

Wednesday, December 15:

10:00 AM Eastern: United States and Worldwide Stamps, Covers, and Collections


Our September/October 2021 Sales are Now Available

  H.R. Harmer September/October 2021 Auction Schedule:


Sale 3047: The Dr. Gary B. Nash Collection of British Commonwealth

Thursday, September 30th at 8am Eastern


Sale 3048: The James E. Challenger Collection of United States Postal History

Thursday, September 30th at 1:30pm Eastern


Sale 3049: The "Bedford" Collection Part II: British Commonwealth

Friday, October 1st at 8am Eastern


Sale 3050: The Alan J. Melville Collection of Tristan da Cunha

Friday, October 1st at 2:30pm Eastern 


Sale 3051: United States and Worldwide Stamps, Covers, and Collections

Saturday, October 2nd at 8am Eastern

Part I: British Commonwealth Stamps and Covers 

Part II: Worldwide Stamps and Covers

Part III: The Dr. Julius Schachter Collection of Disinfected Mails

Part IV: The Eli Babcock Collection of United States Postal Stationery

Part V: General United States Postal History

Part VI: United States Stamps and Covers

Part VII: United States and Worldwide Collections and Accumulations



An Important Message:


 Here at H. R. Harmer, we strive to make decisions that result in the best possible service for both our buyers and consignors. We find it important and necessary to evaluate the many changes that have occurred these last two years, and adjust our practices accordingly. We are excited to be taking steps forward and making improvements to keep up with these rapidly-advancing times and best serve our customers.


 Beginning with this sale, our general auctions will be presented in an online-only format. This decision allows us to showcase more material per sale, provide a greater number of high-resolution images, and affords us cost savings that will go towards keeping our buyer's premium as low as possible and our commissions competitive. With this being said, we will still be producing a very limited number of catalogues for consignors and select customers, which will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.


 Specialized sales, such as the four "name" sales being offered here, will be provided automatically to customers who have previously expressed an interest in these respective collecting fields. 



Preview of Upcoming Sales