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Spring 2022

June 22-24, 2022 in New York City
LOT# : 821
Date: June 22, 2022


Spring 2022 - 821 Austria Postal Stationery Collection,in six volumes, four of which consist entirely of postal cards, includes H&G 1 used on October 13 and November 12, 1869, wide variety of the first design type (H&G 1-23) including reprints, largely complete through the rest of the 19th Century with better varieties throughout (such as 103a and 104A mint), 1908 Jubilee well-represented with variety of commemorative cancels, many later issues represented both mint and used, wide variety of views for the 1920s/30s issues; continues with album of letter sheets (including A48 mint), wrappers, airmail letter sheets including FG 1 used (2), and variety of other BOB (money orders, feldpost, etc); last volume pneumatic post, telegraph receipts, and more, condition generally fine to very fine throughout, certainly one of the most impressive and comprehensive Austria postal stationery collections to come to market in quite some time, difficult to do justice to a collection such as this in words so viewing is highly recommended
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Starting Price: $1,000
Hammer Price: $1,600