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LOT# : 1655
Date: June 22, 2022

Foreign possession of the United States

Spring 2022 - 1655 PHILIPPINES BALANCE mostly pre-1950s philatelic covers and postal stationery (including FDC) with good number of Japanese Occupation period, note some 19th century mint with duplication, early 19th century postal cards and envelopes including used plus a collection of 1899/1940s issues mint on homemade pages, a Spanish-America War patriotic envelope with 2c Overprint used from Chicago (scarce use outside of the Philippines), C7 without gum (APS cert, reperf, stained), some private mailing cards showing Manila and other views, 1920s/30s flight covers, 1945 "VICTORY" overprint issue covers (some ex-Miggins) including 485-96+E10 on cover dated Aug 15 1945 (VJ Day), Japanese Occupation FDC including NB1-3 cacheted and censored, N9 block, finally #564 proof in green, frame proof in violet, #568 proof in blue, etc., usual mixed condition, very good to very fine, view to appreciate
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Starting Price: $750
Hammer Price: $1,700